At The Grooming Co we specialise in puppy grooming in Dublin. Ideally we like to start grooming our puppies once they have received their last vaccinations (2 weeks after their final injection). From there depending on how your puppy copes with the process, we will set you up with a grooming plan which will help your puppy get used to grooming and make it a way of life! There is also a huge element of training involved which helps in shaping your puppy's behaviour.

Puppy Package:
Puppy Package (dogs under 8 months) start at €40 depending on the condition of your dog's coat and breed of dog. This includes a bath, blow dry, ear clean, nail trim, face and eye trim and minor body trimming. Hypoallergenic shampoos are used for all puppies under 8 months old.
Are you looking to have your puppy groomed?
Price list for dogs (8 months plus):
All prices listed below depend on coat condition and breed of dog. First appointments may cost more depending on what needs to be done.
  • Medium Dogs 

       i.e Cavaliers, Bichon Frise,

        Cavashon etc

        €55 - €65

  • Small Dogs 

       i.e Yorskire Terrier,

       Maltese etc

       €50 - €55

  • Large Dogs 

       i.e Golden Retrievers,

       Labradoodles etc

       €65 - €75



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