Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming


7 weeks (33 days) Tuesday through to Friday with one intensive Saturday practical.


Students will be awarded the appropriate in house Certification and will be fast tracked to complete the City & Guilds qualification which are held in designated testing centres around the country.


Fail (0 - 40%)

Pass (41 - 60%)

Distinction (81 - 100%)


History of the dog.

Anatomy and physiology.

Parasitism and parasite control.

Zoonotic disease.

Health and safety.

Hygiene and environmental protection.

Equipment and tools.

Business studies.

Breed classification.


Pre-grooming health assessment.


Grooming out the coat for different coat types.

Bathing and drying.



Style finishing.

Handling and restraining.

First Aid (an additional Canine First Responder course should be taken at an external cost).

Course Detail:

Two theory assignments to be submitted the last week of the course. 

Continuous practical assessment.

Two theory exams.

Breed recognition exam.


To provide students with the necessary training to become professional dog groomers.

Students will be suitable for job opportunities in the grooming industry or to set up their own grooming business. This course will teach the fundamental basics of dog grooming with one on one learning.



Deposit of €200

Taster Day:

Every student that would like to complete the Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming will have to attend a taster day which gives an insight into the grooming course.

Grooming is not for everybody so we feel that this taster day is a must before commencing your course.

Fee: €100.

Course Information

On the first day of your grooming course you will be provided with a student kit which includes all necessary scissors to see you through your grooming course. If any of these items are damaged or broken during the course it is at the students cost to replace them.


You will also receive a grooming manual and a grooming top as your uniform. It is advised to wear good quality comfortable footwear as you are on your feet a lot of the day. Some days you may be finished a little earlier as it all depends on the time of year and how busy the shop is, these hours will be added on to the end of your course. If by the end of your course you feel like you would like a bit more time on a certain breed etc, you are welcome to come back anytime for a couple of hours to refresh whatever it is that you feel you need more work on.


Many students will go on to do their City and Guilds certificate which can be sat in a few centres in Dublin. I look forward to getting you started into the wonderful world of grooming.

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